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    250 selskaper og nærmere 2500 personer har sin daglige arbeidsplass i Forskningsparken. Forskningsgrupper, gründere og vekstbedrifter preger miljøet. Her har en rekke bedrifter hatt sin spede begynnelse gjennom de siste 30 årene. 

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    Forskningsparken i Oslo ligger i Norges mest kunnskapstette område, mellom Blindern og Gaustad. Høy aktivitet, faglige tilbud, konferanser, spennende mennesker og nettverk gir en egen energi til livet i parken.


Dossier Forum- Human factors


Tid: 10:00 - 13:00

Sted: Toppsenteret

Capability when it really matters. How do you develop the ability to perform under pressure?

How can non-technical skills like planning and preparation, prioritizing, decision making, teamwork and fatigue management contribute to averting disaster?

Rhona Flin conducts research into human performance "at the sharp end", environments like the aircraft cockpit, where things can go very wrong, fast. Her work include studies in aviation, oil and gas, finance, nuclear and not least healthcare.

She is Professor of Industrial Psychology at Aberdeen Business School (RGU), professor emeritus at the University of Aberdeen and of course a TEDx'er.

Join her in Forskningsparken, Oslo, as she answers the most pressing questions for COO's, HR business partners, risk and safety managers and L&D professionals.

What are non-technical skills?
Where do you need them?
How do you train and assess them?
Who is responsible for non-technical skills training?
How do you succeed with non-technical skills training ?

Will your teams do the right things when things go wrong?

Please read more and register (free). Organizer: Dossier Solutions.

First Friday Coffee


Tid: 08:30 - 09:30

Sted: Parken Bakeri

Join us the first Friday every month at Parken Bakeri!
This is a great opportunity to meet the Forskningsparken community.
Listen to 3-minute presentations and network!

Dehnsdag - Intellectual Property Clinic


Tid: 09:00 - 17:00

Sted: Forskningsparken

As intellectual property experts with extensive experience in supporting Norwegian start-ups and SMEs, we would like to assist you in growing your innovations into a successful business.
Dehns will be running a series of intellectual property clinics at the begining of every month, to offer support and to answer any questions you might have on protecting your IP.
Join one of our specialists at the Forskningsparken for an initial

If you would like to book a free and confidential meeting on any of the
above dates then please contact us via aleap@dehns.com